Rocklin High School Parent Club Contact

We are always looking for support.  If you are interested in becoming a Board Member of the Rocklin High School Parent Club or need to get in contact with us on another matter, please complete the form below. Thank you for your consideration!


President: Lindsey Erickson

Co-Vice President: Danielle Kaufmann

Co-Secretary: Cathy Mollison

Co-Secretary: Cori Toumajian

Co-Treasurer: Tammi Bezanson

Co-Treasurer: Sarah Belmonte

DIRECTORS (Appointed):

Membership: Cori Toumajian

Website: Lulu Geronimo-Kelley

Publicity: Cathy Mollison

Facebook: Heather Atherton

EVENT CHAIRS (Appointed):

Chromebooks: RUSD

Paper Drive: Heidi Pojda

Graduation Lawn Signs: Cori Toumajian

Teacher Appreciation: Dusty Nakamura & Heidi Pojda

Sober Grad Night: Sharon Suggs

Thunder Alley: Heidi Pojda

Community Outreach - fundraising & events:  Danielle Kaufmann